Weight Control

Diet after diet, days of calorie counting and self denial, resolutions to join the gym and exercise can lock people into a continuing spiral of momentary success followed by sinking self esteem as once more the diet fails and the pounds pile on.

The problem with the diet focused method of weight loss is that it if there is any weight loss it doesn't last. By its very nature it is artificial and leaves us feeling as if we are at war with ourselves, whilst doing nothing to address the real reason why any one of us over-eats. They can't because they don't know you.

In my experience the best results are achieved when the client is respected as an individual. My belief is that any weight control programme has to respond to the needs of the client taking into account their personal history, preferences and particular life circumstances. A one size fits all approach fails to recognize the most powerful and positive influence on weight control there is.you.

Hypnosis gets to the root of the problem and changes your mind's programming. Where previously there may have been a craving for fatty foods, there will now be a desire for fresh, healthy foods. If the problem was comfort eating then this empty feeling will be replaced by a feeling of self worth and a wish to do something meaningful rather than snacking or binging. The form of the hypnosis however, will depend entirely on each individual's needs.

A combination of hypnosis, NLP and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that reflect the client's character and circumstances have consistently proved to be the most successful model for a continuing and sustained change in the client's relationship to food, self image and weight control.

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