Amazing treatment and support for some issues I was having this time last year.

Beverley Wheeler

George was supremely empathetic to my problems and offered me a new perspective on myself. I was able to iron out my short and long term issues and learn about myself at the same time. My relationship has become more fulfilling as a result and for that I can't thank him enough. I would recommend this to anyone who has the need for someone to listen and help then through their problems.

James Joseph Ward

I went to Reddish Therapy as I was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. I was put at ease from the start as George was so friendly and patient. It was the first time I had tried any alternative therapy and was surprised how relaxing the hypnotherapy was. I left each time feeling better and more positive than the last and was taught techniques to use day to day that were a massive help then and still are. When I look back I have come such a long way and definitely have George to thank.

Lucy Wainwright

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending George to anyone looking for a therapist who is completely empathetic to their needs! I have a history of depression and in my dark periods, would see my doctor to be told there is still a long waiting list for counselling. I also didn't hold out much hope that this would really help me either after listening to friends' experiences with NHS therapists. Taking pills was fine short term but still didn't tackle the root of the problem.

I heard about George through a good friend and arranged to have a thirty minute session to discuss what might help me. In that time it was decided what would be the best course of therapy over three, two hour sessions. Even in that first consultation, I felt there was no clock watching... in fact it was me who was more aware of the time! I knew straight away that this was going to help me! Over the sessions that followed, I had a combination of Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Although nervous at my first visit, I then looked forward to my sessions in which I felt like I had not just a therapist, but more a good friend in who I could trust, who had empathy, compassion and understanding, and who just listened as a human being. George also has a great sense of humour which helps! I did have a setback part of the way through and at the time, George helped me in a way that was above and beyond his job as a therapist, and which I will never forget! I still have a program of CBT which I carried on at home after finishing my course. There still might be some little ups and downs to come and I might need a little further help in the future, but that depression has lifted and I see things differently now.

If I hadn't found Reddish Therapy, I think my life would have gone down a very bleak path by now and for this I will just simply say.... Thank you George

Carol Gillingham

I'd been smoking for years and tried quitting many times but it never lasted. I didn�t believe in anything like hypnosis, but I was really worried about my health so I decided to give it a go. Well I don't know what you did but I haven't smoked since and that was six months ago.

Brian Yates

I went for hypnotherapy because a friend recommended it to me for weight loss. I had been trying different diets for years and could not believe there was a way to lose weight without calorie counting and denying myself certain foods. After the hypnosis I was able to feel better about myself and stopped eating for comfort. So far I have lost over two stone without dieting.

Susan Blake

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