Smoking Cessation

Many smokers have tried to give up and failed time and time again. The problem is, that in trying they have started a war against the part of themselves that wants to smoke. Although they may win the odd battle the war continues and the craving to 'just have one cigarette' can remain as strong as ever.

For many people the trigger for smoking lies in the unconscious which is why they find it is so difficult to give up. You may say, and totally believe, that you want to give up smoking, but if another part of your brain is programmed to keep smoking you are going to find it extremely difficult to stop. That is the bad news.

The good news is if you are really serious about giving up smoking there is an easy way. Using advanced hypnotherapy and NLP and a unique 30 day support programme you could be using the amazing natural power of your mind to help you stop the nicotine cravings and instead create for yourself a healthy, smoke free life.

The Hypnotherapy Stockport Stopped Smoking Course includes all the most modern, researched and effective methods for smoking cessation delivered by an experienced, advanced hypnotherapist and includes:

  • A session of hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) that is personalized to take into account the most important aspect of the process - you.

  • The 30 day Stopped Smoking support programme which contains:

    • a Hypnotherapy CD that supports your continued non-smoking
    • a CD with the same subliminal messages reinforced and set to relaxing music
    • and full supporting literature.

The first half hour consultation is free; contact me for a friendly talk, without any obligation.