A phobia is commonly understood to be an irrational fear, common examples are spiders, flying and snakes but in reality the list could go on and on. What they all have in common however, are that for the individual concerned the fear is very real. They may feel stupid or embarrassed about their phobia, but it bears repeating that for them it is frighteningly real.

Phobias are learned fearful responses to different stimuli generally, but not always, acquired during childhood and retained as a running default programme as adults. Just as we learn to associate a hug, ice cream or a favourable report with good feelings so can we learn (perhaps through a traumatic experience) to associate dogs, worms or boats with fearful feelings.

The good news is that because it is a learned, it can be unlearned. NLP and hypnosis can be used to break the habitual pattern of object — fear, and replace this obsolete mind programming with a more positive response such as object — indifference or even better, object — humour. This is quite straight forward and is usually achieved in only one session and is guaranteed a lifetime warranty.

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