What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state that we all experience in one form or another virtually everyday. Trance is another word for the state of mind we are in when hypnotized and we may find ourselves in one or another level of trance while watching TV, reading a book, listening to music or driving the car.

If you've ever driven a car and don't remember anything about the journey you probably did the driving in a trance. If you are watching TV or again reading a book and you get lost in what you're doing and block out everything else then there is every chance that you were in a trance. Daydreaming would be another example of the self induced trance.

People sometimes ask "How do you come out of the trance?" As you can see from the examples above, you come out naturally when you need to. If while in a trance you are asked to do something that is against your nature or beliefs you will simply come out of the trance because, in truth, you entered the trance by choice and continue to be in a trance only as long as you want to be.

Do I Lose Control?

Maybe you have seen or heard about the stage hypnotists that get people to do embarrassing things in front of hundreds of people and think perhaps the hypnotist has some magical power over his 'victims': he doesn't.

If I explain the process perhaps you will understand that if there is any power, it is in the imagination of the people on the stage and not the hypnotist.

Before the show starts the hypnotist will ask for volunteers to go on stage. Only those people with an excess of confidence and a desire to show off will put their hands up. In truth you can't hypnotise someone who doesn't want to be hypnotized and you can't make somebody do something that is against their nature.

From these extroverts by using a series of tests the hypnotist will choose only the most suggestible extroverts. These, he will hypnotise back stage and give them a post-hypnotic suggestion such that when he next clicks his fingers they will re-enter this trance. So on stage the hypnotist appears to effortlessly put people under and make them do stupid things. In reality they have already been hypnotized and are doing in trance nothing they wouldn't do anyway.

It is only with your permission that hypnosis works and only for as long as you want it to work and the only suggestions that have any effect are the ones that your mind accepts and agrees with.

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